We Get It


Giving our lives over to God – spiritually and physically – is a big concept to “digest” and an even bigger challenge to put into action!

We get that.

We all have many “plates” in the air that we’re trying to balance: job, relationships, kids’ activities, staying fit, trying to eat right, caring for extended family, helping at church, getting enough sleep, and spending time with God (which often comes last). And then… an unexpected crisis pops up, like an overflowing toilet, car repairs, sickness, job layoff, or a death in the family.

Life can be overwhelming and exhausting—pulling us in too many directions.

Our culture says to trust our own strength and rely on willpower to keep everything in balance and to project the image of “having it together.” But that’s impossible, and eventually we fail. We resolve to try harder next time or trust that some new gimmick will make a difference. Each time we fail, we lose hope.

Over time, we may even lower our expectations or give up on the hope of having the abundant life Jesus promised in John 10:10: “I have come so that they may have life, and may have it abundantly” (net).

But God never gives up on us.

God has provided His guidance, wisdom, and encouragement in the Bible to help us. Throughout Come Alive! we rely on God’s Word to direct us to a deeper understanding of His plan for us to be in relationship with Christ. Are you ready to discover new perspectives about God and yourself? Are you ready to discover new practices and blend them into the rhythm of your life?

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