Small Group Leaders

Are you passionate about mindfully nurturing the gift of your physical body?

Do you want to share God’s love with others as a Small Group Leader?

Small Group Leaders (facilitators) are key to the success of the Come Alive! program. With your support, we can help our community honor God with our bodies, making it possible to help others build a positive change in all areas of their lives.

Support the well-being of the whole person, including mind, body, spirit and relationships, as participants integrate spiritual & physical practices into a new and more mindful rhythm of the day.

Help your family, neighborhood, church and community as a Come Alive! Small Group leader. (No experience necessary!)

Come Alive! is designed for Christian small groups with a facilitator

Health Wellness Facilitator

A church small group program for mindful health improvement and spiritual growth. Designed to help participants make small positive changes to create a new rhythm in their day.

Fits the Rhythm of Church Small Groups

  • Familiar church small group format, 8 sessions, 90-minutes each.
  • Bible-based curriculum appropriate for any Christian faith.
  • No special training required for facilitator. Anyone can lead by following the instructions in the Facilitator Guide.
  • The Participant Guide contains pre-reading for each session, guided interactive sessions, handy food lists, recipes and other helpful resources.
  • Each participant completes an online Come Alive! Personal Assessment before and after the program as a tool to set goals, assess progress and reflect.
  • Participants are supported by their small group and Come Alive! on-line resources.

Frequently Asked Questions by Wellness Facilitators

We know you want to do a good job and make an impact. Thank you for considering joining the Come Alive! program as a facilitator. Here are our most frequently asked questions and if you have any more, feel free to contact us at your convenience.

  1. Are their additional costs?  No, just the cost of the Facilitator Guide and the Participant Guides.
  2. Do I need to be a health expert or trained facilitator? No. All the information that you need is in the Facilitator Guide. The most important things that you can do are: pray in advance of each session, be prepared by reading the Facilitator Guide in advance, bring a caring attitude, and be open to the leading of the Holy Spirit.
  3. Can you have co-facilitators? Yes! It’s up to you.
  4. How many people are ideal to have in a small group?  8-16 people are ideal, but the size can vary.
  5. What type of space will I need? Enough room so everyone can sit in a chair in a circle plus some open space for movement.  A class room plus a hallway or a family/living room will work great.
  6. How long is each session? 90 minutes plus optional time for a group walk.
  7. How do I invite people? A personal invitation is a great choice. Other ways to reach larger numbers of people are: by email, Come Alive! posters, church newsletter, bulletin inserts, and handouts. Examples of promotional material are under tools and resources.
  8. How much time will I need to invest outside of the sessions as a facilitator? About 30 minutes a week to review of the facilitator guide for that week and gather items needed for the session.
  9. What will I need to do before the start date? Two weeks before the start of the program, create the list of interested participants and gather their $25 for the participant guides.  Next, order the participant guides for each person, including the facilitator and one facilitator guide.
  10. One week before the start date: Have a brief 20 minute meeting to hand out the participant guides and give a short introduction of the program. Participants will need time to read the Warm-Up section before Session 1.
  11. Do I need volunteers to help with the sessions? Yes! We encourage every participant to volunteer for a small but important task; like set up, clean up, music, communications, walk leader, etc..
  12. Can I talk to another facilitator or Living Abundantly Ministries if I have questions? Yes, of course! We welcome your questions and we’d love to talk with you.  Go to the “Contact Us” page to reach us.

Facilitator Support

facilitator supportMeet Ginger Hill, our Facilitator Support Manager. She is part of a whole team at Living Abundantly Ministries dedicated to helping others, like you. If you have questions before, during or after you facilitate the Come Alive! program in your community, please contact us.

Ginger has worked with all kinds of groups, so you will benefit from her expertise and wisdom.

And keep this in mind, we don’t expect you to teach the program. We’re counting on you to get it started and help people in your church, school, workplace or community.

You may want to consider buying the Facilitator Guide (and probably the Participant Guide) for more information.

Mother holding out hand to daughter.

Bring Come Alive! to Your Community, Church or Small Group!

4 simple steps for every health & wellness facilitator:

1.Invite friends & colleagues who are interested in growing spiritually or improving some aspect of their health or lifestyle (8-16 people are ideal)

2.Find a place to meet (a home, church, school or community center – all work well)

3.Order 1 Participant Guide for each person, (including the Facilitator) plus 1 Facilitator Guide at our store.

4.Choose a date to start.

It’s that easy!