Participant FAQs

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Answers to our most common questions…

  1. When should I get my Participant Guide?  It’s best to get the guide at least a few days in advance so you can read the “Warm Up” before the first small group session.
  2. What should I wear to the sessions?  You will be practicing some new activities so wear casual, comfortable clothes so you can move easily.  Gym shoes, sport sandals or shoes with little to no heel.
  3. How many times will the group meet?  There are 8 sessions.
  4. How much time will each session be?  90 minutes, plus an optional group walk after.
  5. How much time will it take to prepare for each session?  20-30 minutes.
  6. How many people usually attend a session? It depends on the size of your small group, but usually 6 – 18 people.
  7. What if I have to miss a session?  Bummer for you! Because each session is really fun.  But if you must miss a session, read the Warm Up and the session pages for that week to catch up with the group.
  8. Do people ever meet outside of the session time?  Yes, we encourage people to meet to go for walks, exercise, cook together and share fellowship.
  9. How much does is cost?  The Come Alive! Participant Guide is $25.00 plus tax and shipping.
  10. Do I have to buy anything else?  Nope.

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