Designed for Small Groups

Bible Group Praying Together



Come Alive! is a designed for Christian small groups

A church program for health… not a health program for churches



Fits the Rhythm of Church Small Groups

  • Familiar church small group format, 8 sessions, 90-minutes each.
  • Bible-based curriculum appropriate for any Christian faith.
  • No special training required for facilitator. Anyone can lead by following the instructions in the Facilitator Guide.
  • The Participant Guide contains pre-reading for each session, guided interactive sessions, handy food lists, recipes and other helpful resources.
  • Each participant completes an online Come Alive! Personal Assessment before and after the program as a tool to set goals, assess progress and reflect.
  • Participants are supported by their small group and Come Alive! on-line resources.

Learn about Principle #1: Seek God First