Facilitator FAQs

Old woodworking tools on wall, retro tintedAll Questions are Good! – Here’s a few that you’ll need answers to…

  1. Are their additional costs?  No, just the cost of the Facilitator Guide and the Participant Guides.
  2. Do I need to be a health expert or trained facilitator? No. All the information that you need is in the Facilitator Guide. The most important things that you can do are: pray in advance of each session, be prepared by reading the Facilitator Guide in advance, bring a caring attitude, and be open to the leading of the Holy Spirit.
  3. Can you have co-facilitators? Yes! It’s up to you.
  4. How many people are ideal to have in a small group?  8-16 people are ideal, but the size can vary.
  5. What type of space will I need? Enough room so everyone can sit in a chair in a circle plus some open space for movement.  A class room plus a hallway or a family/living room will work great.
  6. How long is each session? 90 minutes plus optional time for a group walk.
  7. How do I invite people? A personal invitation is a great choice. Other ways to reach larger numbers of people are: by email, Come Alive! posters, church newsletter, bulletin inserts, and handouts. Examples of promotional material are under tools and resources.
  8. How much time will I need to invest outside of the sessions as a facilitator? About 30 minutes a week to review of the facilitator guide for that week and gather items needed for the session.
  9. What will I need to do before the start date? Two weeks before the start of the program, create the list of interested participants and gather their $25 for the participant guides.  Next, order the participant guides for each person, including the facilitator and one facilitator guide.
  10. One week before the start date: Have a brief 20 minute meeting to hand out the participant guides and give a short introduction of the program. Participants will need time to read the Warm-Up section before Session 1.
  11. Do I need volunteers to help with the sessions? Yes! We encourage every participant to volunteer for a small but important task; like set up, clean up, music, communications, walk leader, etc..
  12. Can I talk to another facilitator or Living Abundantly Ministries if I have questions? Yes, of course! We welcome your questions and we’d love to talk with you.  Go to the “Contact Us” page to reach us.

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