Introducing An Evidence Based Small Group Bible Study That Connects Spiritual & Physical Well-Being

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Preventing Chronic Disease Journal published a study of our pilot program.

Are You Ready to Come Alive!?
Get energized spiritually & physically by discovering a new rhythm in your daily life

Seek God First
Come Alive! starts with our relationship with God

Love and Be Loved
You’ll explore how to accept God’s love for you exactly as you are…and let that love flow through you to other people

Honor God With Your Body
Enjoy God’s bounty of colorful, tasty and nutritious whole food. Move more and practice an intentional rhythm of work, play and rest.

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Psst…this is a really big idea.  Will you join us?

With 78% of Americans affiliating with a Christian faith tradition, a new approach to healthy living that aligns with the rhythm of church small groups may be the #1 biggest opportunity to improve America’s health & wellbeing.

Come Alive® is an 8-session Bible study that connects spiritual & physical wellbeing. It is delivered in a familiar format that is easily adopted by small groups across America’s 350,000 churches. Come Alive! is Christ-centered and evidence-based. A successful study of our pilot program is published in the CDC’s Preventing Chronic Disease Journal.

For individuals, churches, denominations, cities, hospitals, community-based non-profits, employers and others, Come Alive! can be a simple & effective resource to empower a culture of healthy living in the congregations and neighborhoods they serve.

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